“Vicki has helped me through many of life’s challenges including recovering from a near death experience. The past few years have been ones of loss, acceptance and growth. I don’t know what I would have done without Vicki’s support, the tools she provided, shoulder to cry on and the occasional absolutely appropriate kick in the pants. Through the hypnosis I was able to address the anxiety that lived in every cell of my body after a near fatal horse accident. Through our work, I am able to truly enjoy again one of my greatest pleasures in this life, horses and riding. I am blessed and grateful that I had the courage to reach out to this amazing woman and open the door way to self-awareness and growth. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck or challenged.”

~ JM

“Vicki has been a true God send to me.  She has helped me to overcome stress and anxiety issues that were holding back my career goals by identifying their root causes.  I really appreciate how she continues to check up on my progress between sessions whether via phone call, text, or email.  This lets me know that I am not just a client to her but someone that she has an emotional investment in seeing succeed.  I now have a deeper love and appreciation for myself and the multiple talents God has blessed me with.  I have no doubt about the successes that will flow my way and I owe it to the continued progress that I am making with Vicki.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to live life rich with accomplishments instead of excuses. ”


“Vicki is the best. Her hypnosis helped me to quit smoking over 6 years ago. I walked out and was instantly a non-smoker. Her guidance and therapy approach have really assisted me in moving through some personal issues and she continues to do so. I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking for a hypnotherapist, therapist, life coach etc, she is an amazing woman.”

~Bill T

“Vicki Keough helped me overcome an obsessive/compulsive habit that was physically marring.  She helped me to reframe my compulsion to understand that I had been comforting myself and that I was not a bad person for doing it.  Ultimately, she guided me to learn to love and take care of my inner person and the compulsion habit stopped!  This had been a life-long habit and the recovery process only took months.  It was a most joyous experience!  I recommend her highly.”


“Victoria has astute observations and an uncanny ability to remember everything you’ve ever told her at just the right time to help you see their pertinence. You can get, true, no-nonsense help with whatever is keeping you from truly enjoying life.”


“I have worked with Vicki on and off for over 6 years and highly recommend her as an exceptionally talented counselor and hypnotherapist. She skillfully balances honesty with compassion and knows how to challenge the patient and encourage growth. Her dedication to each patient is notable.”


“I sought Vicki’s help in 2005 when I had reached a plateau in my personal and professional life. The positive influence of her keen insight and compassionate prodding helped me to realize that I had all the tools inside of me to reach my goals, I just didn’t know how to access them. Her teachings have a positive impact on my life to this day.”

~Anon Client