How to get started? Please use the Contact Vicki link to send her your name, number & best time to reach you or give her a call at 206.369.6069. You can expect to hear from her within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Contact Vicki


Payment is due at the beginning of each session. Cash, check and credit cards are accepted. An invoice will be provided at time of service. Please call for hourly rates and investment package information. It is hard to forecast how many sessions you will need to solve your issue but it is safe to say that if you are responsive to treatment, hypnotherapy is dramatically more effective in solving many behavioral issues than cognitive (talk) therapy. Therefore you are not likely to need the number of clinical hours that is normally needed in cognitive work. After the first session we will have a good idea if you respond well to this type of treatment. (note: Smoking sessions are different. They are a single 4-hour sessions.)

Insurance reimbursement

While we do not bill insurance providers directly many clients are reimbursed for Vicki’s services, either under the benefit program or medical portion of their policy. Please call to receive coding information. This information will allow you to contact your provider and confirm the amount you will receive in reimbursement.

Get Started now

I would like to get to know you before we begin our work together, If you are sure you would like to get started please contact me.

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