my thoughts…our story

iphone photos 019The experiences I am currently having in my life may not seem to match yours in this moment AND yet at the core, I believe and I hear in my office daily, we are each having the same experiences;

We are striving for connection

We are desiring to experience meaningful love

We are hoping to accomplish our established goals

We are tending to our hurts and wounds; whether emotional or physical

We are human beings doing our best

When we show up as  our authentic selves we offer others the experience of connection, inspiration, motivation because when we live our truth “we inspire others to do the same”.

So our “work” day in and day out is to “show up” as ourselves, to be fiercely and completely authentic, to “testify” with our actions and the manner in which we arrive into our relationships, experiences, etc…

That’s the best and most amazing gift that each of us, every single person, has to offer the world…


My thoughts…our story


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