Know better…Do better

We do the people around us a huge disservice when we speak like we have it “all together”…each of us has something we can learn, grow and develop.   To speak from a place of authority suggests to others a “perfection” that I hope as a human being I never feel I have achieved…doing our best and recognizing that best is different every day is part of the human experience.  Each and every person we interact with has the opportunity to be our teacher; from the tiniest of babies to a person in the sunset of their lives.  Yes, I strive to be considered an expert in my chosen profession AND what I desire even more is to be a human being growing and becoming my best self; better every day.  Walking my talk…not just talking it.  When we commit to learning, we are always expanding our knowledge base.  That’s part of the experience of coaching/therapy…supporting a person in knowing my mission Mayathemselves better so they can do better. That’s one of my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou “know better, do better” but I chose to post the one attached because I think that’s the attitude we need to cultivate in order to create great change; “I am going to thrive.”

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