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When we are experiencing a “slump”…stuck in a rut or have flat out slipped into a hole of despair we often lack the motivation and perspective to transition  april adventures 067into a better space…to move past what is…

It’s at these times therapy sessions, time with friends or family, an exercise routine can be helpful

But what if you can’t encourage yourself to schedule a session, make that call or find your way to class?

Next time life feels joyful, inspiring, easeful create a list…

Place ~ nature? a city walk? a museum? yoga studio?

People ~ partner? family? best friend? puppy?

Activity ~ run? movie? book? barre class?

Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing?

Use this list as a resource when feeling down, defeated or despondent…pick one thing and commit to connecting with that space, person, or activity asap for at least 20 minutes…that’s it.  Gently say to yourself “just twenty minutes” and check in after the twenty minutes to determine if your state of mind has improved, keep going if you feel uplifted…

Often if we take one small baby step and then another we find our bearings and the ability to move forward

Keep this resource somewhere for easy finding and refer to it in the challenging moments…cultivate your tool box and create change…

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