start your day….5 suggestions

1 – Begin with intention; visualize before you get out of bed the type of day you desire to create…

in this way we integrate our subconscious mind and harness the power of both the subconscious and the conscious in working toward our goals

2 – Practice gratitude…yes, we hear and read this all the time…because it works 🙂

an easy way to incorporate gratitude is “notice”; as you head out of the house and into your day capture the beauty around you as if you were taking snapshots, take in the moment

3 – Be interested in the people you interact with; if you stop for coffee engage with the barista, if you drop your child with a caregiver take a minute to inquire about their morning

feed the human desire for connection AND get out of your head and into your morning,

4 – Move, meditate, pray or journal…find your flow; incorporate into your daily routine a ritual that connects you with you

this can be 5 minutes with your legs up the wall or a 90 minute spin/yoga class, it matters not the length of time, what matters is that this practice begins your day with self care; you nurturing you

5- Don’t drag yesterday into today…give yourself and the people around you, to the best of your ability, a clean slate

this isn’t an easy one for me…but when I do it, I’m free….and freedom brings greater joy, love, peace!


….I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above; please add a comment or shoot me an email sharing what works best for you 🙂

happy day…happy life xopersonal_growth_barrier_3_b


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