Stand Up

“Fall down seven times, Stand up eight”… Japanese Proverb

This is one of my favorite quotes and likely one you have heard if you have ever sat down for a session with me.  A variation of this same quote has been written by many of the great thinkers throughout history and speaks to the idea that success is about trying, and trying again…

In his terrific book “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell suggests that mastery comes from 10,000+ hours of practicing your craft.

My craft is the joy of working with clients to create their very BEST lives.  I have hit my 10,000 hours and feel like I could log in 10,000 more and still be learning, growing and thriving AND enjoying every minute of it.

I desire to share this work with the world.  To connect with people who need support, to interact with colleagues of like (and not like) minded professions, to have a true home for my blog.  Yet, I dragged my feet for TWO years to return to the internet.  I took up with many designers and went over many, many concepts. None of these ever got off the ground…I got busy, busier…they did too.  I drove my family and friends nuts…”it’s just a word press document Vicki, It can be changed”.  I know, I know. I wanted it to be perfect…

So, I fell down 7+++ and now I am standing up.

There will be tweaks, edits, changes but I’m ready to say “hi…welcome to my space and here’s a little about me and my work”

Thanks for visiting my space.  I hope you will return often.

A million and one thanks to my families and friends who endured my sometimes grumpy mood and my endless edits…it takes a village and I couldn’t be part of more loving community both personally and professionaly.

I love you guys…Vicki

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