My first role

For years I joked with my Mom that my greatest wish was to be an only child, actually nothing could be further from the truth, being a sibling is one of the greatest roles of a lifetime and has prepared me for so many other roles in life.

This summer three of my siblings and I had the honor of playing hosts with our Mom, two nieces and a dear friend to our youngest sister’s baby shower. Prior to the shower, and after, I reflected on the manner in which my role of sister to four siblings has equipped me with tools that I incorporate in my work as a therapist.

Sometimes it’s all five of us, often it’s one or two, but life’s challenges, accomplishments and blessings more often than not have included my siblings.
They have supported me at my “worst” with love, acceptance and mostly kindness. They have celebrated and applauded my success and held me tightly when life’s losses, pains and hurts felt like too much. They have provided a base from which I have had and continue to create opportunity to soar and fly, finding my own unique path.

I don’t spend time worrying about defeat, or failing. I perceive setbacks as an opportunity to learn with the benefit of knowing that I can count on at least two hands to lift me back up and plan another route or path to whichever direction I choose to go next. This has given me the lifelong gift of courage which in turn, I believe, continues to support me in an effort to continue to be a better version of myself every day. They hold space for me to be just that; my best as they believe I am just that.

Most of my life has been, and still is, about being a team which remains my approach to working with each client:

We start where they are, creating acceptance and then change.
In the process, we celebrate accomplishments, work through tragedy and when a client shows up and isn’t believing in themselves I hold space for them until they do…
We are partners in creating what they desire and achieving their goals.

Thanks to my siblings I had a head start on this practice. Thanks to my siblings I have a life time of team work to draw upon and a whole lot of love.

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