What might I experience in the trance part of our session?

Often when I receive an inquiry regarding hypnotherapy, the caller asks what will I experience in the hypnosis (I call it “trance”) portion of our session? How will I feel? I explain that “each person’s experience is different, if you feel apprehensive and we need to work toward that part we will, you are always in complete control, and my experience is that each session might produce a completely different experience”…Throughout my site I define hypnotherapy, subconscious work, and my approach.

Today I thought I would share, with permission, the beautiful vision one of my patients sent to me after our last session together. I asked her “What were you feeling?”  These are her own words; “freedom, peace, happiness, bliss, love,  joy, ecstasy, and energized AND calm”…she asked me “is that possible”? My response was YES, I definitely believe we can feel both calm and energized at the same time. I am filled with gratitude for her willingness to share the amazing picture she created and have posted it below.

heidi's trance vision 10.2014

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