life…love and loss…our journey

This was a week that challenged the heart muscles…

To any of you in this struggle with me; experiencing a loss, deep pain or heartache…If you have found yourself processing grief, let me begin by offering you love.  I hold space for you in my heart.

Though most of my days are filled with listening to the suffering of others, gently offering hope and creating a path to healing and brighter horizons hearing these stories has never become easy or free of heartache. I will hang up my shingle if it does.

giving heartEach person, each story is sacred.

This week these losses often found their way to my home, to my doorstep. My heart was heavy. My tears were frequent. I recognize this to be part of our journey; life/death… joy/sorrow…love/fear…birth/loss. This recognition does not always lessen the weight.

I believe every time we love someone our heart grows. Our capacity to love deepens and expands. This gift exposes a vulnerability to experience loss, grief and pain. Each person offers us both.

May I offer you this thought ~ Hold your people a little tighter tonight, see the people you pass on the street, the stranger in the line for espresso and silently offer them a bit of love too…we never know who might need it.

Namaste friends…I see you, I feel you, I love you.

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