Lessons I’ve learned…

Two of the lessons I’ve learned in life so far…

First, everyone is my teacher ESPECIALLY the little people in my life; they teach me wonder, discovery, awe, courage, love, acceptance, tenacity, and so much more.  Another lesson I’ve learned through them, as well as trial and error, is to not be tied to “form” in regards to love.  Over the last several years I’ve worked with many people who feel their lives are less full, less rich because in that particular moment they were not involved in an intimate/romantic partnership. As a result of this thinking, all the love that arrived in their lives from their family, friends, little people, etc didn’t move them. They remained stuck in a feeling of want and lack…

When I allowed myself to be moved by ALL the ways love arrives in my life, I became #heartFULL AND that attracted even MORE love into my life.
My #thoughts #Mystory…love beach

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