a glimpse at my underbelly…

TodayNWTrue story. I was shopping with my Mom in the cosmetic department of Nordstrom. Simultaneously, Susan Grace was texting me as I was sending her a picture of a skin care product. Purchase: yes? no? She asked if I would accompany her as a skincare model on TodayNW. I LOVE Susan, while my skin soaks up her nurturing, my mind soaks up her wisdom and gentle loving care. She is a powerhouse, a trusted business advisor. So, of course, I said YES!!!!

…and then the voices kicked in, the ones that remind me I have a wide face and I might look like a chipmunk on screen. After all doesn’t the TV add ten pounds? Will we be live? I have a lifelong fear of speaking in public…my need to address this at a subconscious level is a future post 😉

My dear friend, Ginger, yoga teacher extraordinaire at hauteyoga, was going to be modeling as well. This both comforted me and gave me pause…G has the selfie, both in picture and video form, down to a science. Deer in the headlights next to Selfie Master…hmmmm

In the end, I negotiated with myself. This will be like being in her studio or my office in a private session. Breathe. Recognize the incredible honor it is that Susan asked me to accompany her. And note to self: this isn’t about you!

I write this to share that, as I tell each of my patients, we ALL have stuff. Each of us is a “work in progress.” The “get out of your head, and into your heart” mantra that I learned in yoga from my other studio sanctuary Live Love Flow, Jaime Scates Schmidt (thank you!). That’s my practice.

Today I did the deed; Margaret set us all at ease. It was SO MUCH FUN to hear and see Susan share her wisdom. What a natural. G was her usual fun self. Craig and I got a chance to talk personal training. Margo Meyers, the PR Guru, and I talked coaching and therapy.

Incredible adventure…so glad I got out of my own way.

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