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This moment…

We often think of January 1st as an opportunity to “reset” … to begin again in the direction of our goals and dreams… It can be very helpful to stop, reflect on where we are and decide what’s next And… Each moment offers us this same invitation Take a breath Pause Choose As we start […]


One of the greatest gifts any child in our life offers us is role modeling ~ They live in a perpetual state of wonder, awe They are curious They are present Their hearts and minds are open They don’t differentiate by politics, religion, skin color   Perhaps our quickest path to happiness is to use […]


Love YOUrself   Be a safe place for YOUrself   What might this look like?   Allow your inner dialogue to be one of love, kindness, compassion and respect   Look to see the beauty when you gaze at your own reflection   Choose actions that nurture and nourish your mind and body   And…   […]

life…love and loss…our journey

This was a week that challenged the heart muscles… To any of you in this struggle with me; experiencing a loss, deep pain or heartache…If you have found yourself processing grief, let me begin by offering you love.  I hold space for you in my heart. Though most of my days are filled with listening […]

Tools and change

When we are experiencing a “slump”…stuck in a rut or have flat out slipped into a hole of despair we often lack the motivation and perspective to transition  into a better space…to move past what is… It’s at these times therapy sessions, time with friends or family, an exercise routine can be helpful But what if […]

sacred self…

Recently I found what I thought was the most beautiful message on Pinterest. “Hold company with yourself so sacred that even when you are alone, you are whole” I posted this on Facebook and it has been shared over 157 times. I LOVE that…what is more important than understanding we are sacred and whole? When […]

Change requires acceptance

I wrote this in October. I am not sure why it did not post but I found it today and wanted to share it with all of you…this is my story. Recently I was told I could not work out for five weeks. That was five days ago. If you take a scroll through my […]

I am enough…

In the not so distant past, my #compassion was incomplete because too often it didn’t extend to myself. Seemingly innocent self talk was an obstacle not a motivator; Try harder. Be better. Do more. That’s not enough. (see a theme…) When I recommitted to my own heart, to showing myself grace, my world became better, […]

Feeling stuck? The forest and the trees…

We each have inside of us everything we need to find our path; to achieve our desired destiny. AND Sometimes we get lost in the forest of our own thoughts. If you are feeling stuck; let’s create your compass.  I will show you the tools at your disposal.  We will collaborate to add to your […]

my thoughts…our story

The experiences I am currently having in my life may not seem to match yours in this moment AND yet at the core, I believe and I hear in my office daily, we are each having the same experiences; We are striving for connection We are desiring to experience meaningful love We are hoping to accomplish our established […]