Vicki Keough

My curiosity about human behavior both in our relationship with self and in our relationship with others has been a constant motivator throughout my life. As I became more and more inspired to make the most of mine, I set out on a path much broader than I ever anticipated or could have imagined. Today after 13 + years of counseling and coaching clients I have found a tried and true method to help heal broken relationship to self and others. I have discovered tools that repair heart, body and mind at the deepest level, the subconscious level. I have witnessed that when we work at this level to create change we find that positive change is sustainable and can be cultivated at a much more efficient pace than pure conscious dialogue. This is what I strive for with each of my clients; creating a dialogue that creates your best life.

When not embracing my work, I too draw upon these tools through: yoga, exercise, meditation, travelling, long walks on the beach and staying in love with life through my relationships. I incorporate a “GO TO” list that enriches my life both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Let’s create your list; let’s create your best life. Contact me today.