Victoria Keough is a catalyst for change.  Her work just might be the missing ingredient in your life.

I sought Vicki’s help in 2005 when I had reached a plateau in my personal and professional life.  The positive influence of her keen insight and compassionate prodding helped me to realize that I had all the tools inside of me to reach my goals, I just didn’t know how to access them.  Her teachings have a positive impact on my life to this day.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.”
Benjamin Disraeli

~ Confidential Client

Vicki is the best. Herhypnosis helped me to quit smoking over 6 years ago.  I walked out and was instantly a non-smoker.  Her guidance and therapy approach have really assisted me in moving through some personal issues and she continues to do so. I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking for a hypnotherapist, therapist, life coach etc, she is an amazing woman.

Yvette B.

I have worked with Vicki for over 6 years and highly recommend her as an exceptionally talented counselor and hypnotherapist.  She skillfully balances honesty with compassion and knows how to challenge the patient and encourage growth. Her dedication to each patient is notable.

Gaviota M.

Vicki is a gifted hypnotherapist. She is one of the best in Seattle, helping others with grief, loss and depression. I’ve seen her help change the lives of her clients, helping them discover what they want and how to get it! She can help you manage anxiety — stabilizing your moods so you stay productive in your goals. She’s worth every penny. I highly recommend this woman.

Meredith F.

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