I am offering the following small business Saturday packages in celebration of today, and in anticipation of many people’s desire to hit “reset” during or after the holidays. If you are currently working with me feel free to hit “pause” on our current package. If you haven’t seen me in years and wish to create a change, I’d love to see you. This prepaid investment will be available for purchase through December 10th and can be applied to sessions between now and April 1, 2014.

10 hours for $1,000
6 hours for $660
1 session for $250

In addition after the first of the year I will begin a thirty minute “hit reset” offering. In thirty minutes, over the phone, I can (and will!) coach you through a current challenge or get you into trance to support you in moving toward your goals, dreams and desires. Yes, trance work is absolutely accessible over the phone…I’ve been working with people all over the country by phone for years.

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